North Cyprus Property Victims | Time for Actions Not Words


Yesterday I went for more treatment on my shoulder. The range of movements are improving slowly. I guess this is down to age and the fact we do not heal as quickly as we used to. If you repeat this I will definitely deny it!

I am quite convinced that I do limit myself a great deal because I am afraid of trying. I have decided that this is going to change. At my age, what harm can a few failures do me? Recently I have been disappointed a great deal but as they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. With that in mind. I should have the strength of Samson following . Now talking of Samson, I did a Delilah on myself yesterday.

I have been carefully growing my hair into a shoulder length bob. I was so proud of it but pride went out of the window yesterday when I had it all cut off. I had no choice really, trying to cope with all that hair in this weather was just too much single handedly. Yes and when the only hand you have is your left and you are right handed, you will know what I mean. Poor Agile has had to pick up the slack at home with all the chores but even he has found trying to cope with MY hair a chore too far. He suggested a number one but I told him to ‘sod off’. He may be the Naked Plumber but I refuse to be the Naked Headed Activist. Can you imagine the ‘powers that be’ being confronted with a bald headed Pauline, they would think I had turned some sort of radical. My faith does sustain me and I know God will never send me more than I can bear.

The membership of the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook Group is now over 1000. Quite an achievement in just days. Being a huge group is not necessary, but now we are of a large enough number not to be ignored.

We intend to lobby the government, embarrass them if necessary. Our inalienable right to justice will only be achieved this way. We have many years of patience under our belts. We have followed the prescribed legal routes which seem to favour the villain who walks away from criminal fraud with no consequences. We have done nothing wrong yet all the consequences of their actions are suffered by us. This is not right, the authorities KNOW this is not right, but in the last 6 years, what have they done?

That we the wronged should have to look outside these shores for justice is a blight on the country. That we should have to do this saddens each and everyone of us who love this country and its people, what choice do you give us?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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