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Popular Science News – it is often the case that technology appears which is used for a purpose other than for what it was intended. The 3D-printer was meant to allow parts distributors to create while-you-wait items needed for broken down equipment. The idea was that instead of taking your car to a garage in Cyprus and being told you would have to wait for the part to be shipped they could simply contact the supplier for the blueprint for it to be sent to the 3D-printer to manufacture it straight away. Now, that is amazing but then a scientist thought up a different use for this £1200 printer.

A Glasgow University team had been using this process to create reaction chambers from bathroom sealant when they thought of an even better; they’d have simple chemicals instead of inks and print pharmaceuticals! Although this idea is still in experimental stage there seems to be no reason why small villages in underdeveloped countries cannot just keep a store of these simple chemicals and manufacture drugs on demand. Unfortunately the downside of this is that there is no reason why illegal drug pushers will not do the same either!

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