Pauline Read’s Petition – CPAG is not the HBPG

waitCyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) demonstrated in south Cyprus today and showed their disgust at the way their property problems were being ignored by the government. Their main complaint was the non-issue of title deeds and the fact that banks were being allowed to place mortgages on property which had already been sold to them and for which they had paid in full.  The problem is that because owners of property did not have their deeds, the developers could place a mortgage on their property at any time up until the deeds were transferred into their name. This was because until then the developer was the legal owner and could do what they liked with the property.

This is the very issue I am challenging here in north Cyprus and yet the interest in challenging it along with me is minimal. It seems as if property victims have got so used to taking their problems to the HBPG and then sitting back and waiting, that they believe they no longer have to do anything themselves. These property victims do not realise that HBPG is no longer able to help them and that their only hope is to unite against those who are taking them for a ride. One look at the HBPG website, not updated for 3 months, will show you that it is in decline. Sitting quietly at home waiting for someone to contact them may be less stressful for property victims but unfortunately it is exactly what the construction industry wants. This is the same attitude as the builder who said to the property victim that they would have electricity tomorrow and even though they knew it was a lie they preferred the easy option of not challenging the lie.

My target is one bank at first and if this is successful I will move on to the whole north Cyprus banking system. I need your help with this. It is time to challenge the people who are taking our hard earned cash and to make them realise that they can no longer take us for suckers. Are you up for it?


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