North Cyprus Property | Wasting Police Time


North Cyprus Property – Wasting Police Time

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt could easily be Pauline Read’s mantra whilst living in north Cyprus.

That the police were called to manage the rabble, i.e. a few pensioners, just shows how badly policed the police are/were. How can they allow themselves to be used in this way.  Despite being told if she did not go to the police station she would be arrested, and that she would only be at the police station for 10 minutes, she did go, was not arrested and was kept waiting around for hours.

She and her Agile Lover did go back the next day to give statements, but of course no one knew why she was there and no statement was ever taken. She was also told to take her camera, now THAT she did not do. She has had her villa taken, had her beloved Laura laptop taken, she decided they could ‘whistle’ for her camera. A reminder of the story is found at Police Demand Pauline Read Visit Lapta Police Station

Let us hope that the new Government we now have will keep an eye on such situations.


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