North Cyprus News | Boost to Agriculture

North Cyprus News – Boost to Agriculture

According to Today’s Zaman, a project to transport water to north Cyprus via a system of underwater pipelines from the Alaköprü Dam in Mersin’s Anamur district ‘is expected to boost the region’s economy by reviving the agricultural sector.’

The wall of the dam is expected to be finished in two weeks but the project, called by Mersin Governor Güzeloğlu project the “pride of Turkey,” needs a lot more work before water will be flowing into north Cyprus at the rate of 75 million cubic meters of water annually from the Dragon River to the Geçitköy Dam near Girne. Around 15 million cubic meters of this water will be used as tap water and the remaining 60 million cubic meters will be used for irrigation purposes.

Estimates of the expected completion date have so far moved from March 2014 to November 2014. Some analysts believe this project is to balance the south’s future oil and gas production so that Turkey brings water and the south brings oil and gas to negotiations to take place in the Cyprus Talks.

Thanks to ‘Tenakoutou’ for pointing this article out to me.

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