Police demand Pauline Read visit Lapta Police Station

lawWell, yesterday was another surreal day at the ‘funny farm’. We had arranged to meet Ipek yesterday afternoon and take her to see the other guys of Kulaksiz 5. We met her on the road in Gecikoy to show her the way. It was after 4.00 p.m. when we got there. Ertul Kader and others including two teenage girls were at my (repossessed) villa. We went first to Bob French’s house, Bob had visitors, I rang the doorbell, at that point in the garden were Ipek, Agile and myself. Jan, Bob’s wife came out, shook Ipek’s hand said hello and then returned indoors to her visitors, and we did not see her again during the visit.

Bob came out and we stood chatting (for a short while). Bob’s house is right next door to my old house and shares a wall with it. Ipek saw a workman sitting on the wall a few feet away and went to talk to him, nothing confrontational, just a chat. From Bob’s garden, I could see the feet of MY blue table on the roof terrace of my villa. I asked Chris to take a photo of it, but he wasn’t successful. At some point Richard joined us and in fact spent very little time outside with us. Bob took Ipek inside his villa to show her the cracks. Chris went to Richard’s house to tell him we had arrived, he was on the phone and his girlfriend answered the door. Bob, Richard, Ipek, Chris and myself all went on a mini tour of the villas, really to give Ipek a feel for the place.

We all chatted in the street as we walked and then turned round the corner to Phil and Mike’s house where the introductions were again made. I think at this point Richard had visitors and left us to go back to them. Chris sat outside in the car which by this time he had reversed way down the street to be outside Dave and Marion’s house, at least 150 yards away from the gate of my (repossessed) villa. Dave had had to go out, Marion was not there because she will not stay in the villa alone due to fear of the Akfinan’s presence in the street, so Ipek could not meet them.

In Phil and Mike’s house we discussed the many aspects of Kulaksiz 5, the impending hearing and appointment with the new Turkish Ambassador in Lefkosa shortly. At some point Richard rejoined us, Bob left and so at any one time there were no more than 5 of us outside and 7 inside. Phil and Mike were never outside with us.

Imagine then our surprise when the doorbell rang at Phil and Mike’s house and when answered, two policemen were found to be standing there.  Ipek spoke to them in Turkish and apparently they had come for Pauline Green. The Akfinans clan had phoned them to make allegations of invasion of their privacy, taking their photos, taking photos of their (my) house, intimidation and threatening them. They were apparently frightened because there were 10 of us in a group. The police said that if I didn’t go to the Police Station willingly, they would arrest me. Yes, they got my name wrong, much to Ipek’s amusement. Ipek asked how long we would be there, they said 10 minutes. Ipek came with me and we followed two cars driven by the Kader clan to the Police Station.

Ipek had to turn the car to get out of the street and as she did we passed alongside the Kader car, the two girls in the car made some motions with their arms and hands, I thought it to be a rude gesture so I blew them a kiss, my philosophy, you always counter rudeness with kindness. You have to ask yourself, would they like youngsters gesticulating at their grandmother?

We were at the Police station for 3 hours. The Kaders and their workman all gave statements, four in total. They accused Ipek of taking photos and she did not even have a camera. I think they accused me of taking photos and blowing kisses which the teenage girls found intimidating (go figure). They accused Richard of taking photos, Richard was hardly there when we were outside and did not take photos. In fact it would seem they thought Chris was Richard. Chris is a well worn 61 and Richard is late 30s. Chris sat outside whilst we all talked in Phil and Mike’s home, he got out of the car to smoke (it is a no smoking car). How then, if they could not even tell the difference between Chris and Richard from the distance away he was, how could they tell what he was doing, allegedly intimidating them and taking photos?

At no time did anyone set a foot in the two villas illegally repossessed and which Akfinans lay claim to.

We left the Police Station after Ipek gave her statement with instructions for Chris, myself and our camera to return today (Monday) to give statements.

They are, again using the police as weapons of intimidation and the sad thing is, they are being allowed to do it.

Conclusion, there is a definite campaign against me, as on this occasion I did nothing wrong, unless you count blowing a kiss; anyway this occurred after my pseudo arrest.

There is a definite campaign against Richard – he really did nothing. They are prepared to go to any lengths to intimidate us.

Ipek has witnessed first hand the dirty tricks campaign up close and personal. We live with this on a daily basis.

Today, Monday, as instructed, Agile and I attended the Police Station, the camera did not want to come. No-one knew why we were there. The officer whose name we were given, was not there. A phone call was made and I was given the phone to speak to someone who spoke English (sound familiar, exactly the same thing happened with the vehicular attack). I was told to come back this afternoon, I said no, I will leave my name and telephone number and you phone me when you have someone there to deal with the statements. Needless to say, if they do not phone me, I shall not be phoning them.

It was a disappointment because I had two neatly printed statements, very similar, that just need signing and dating in the officer’s presence. Ismet assures me this is permissible.

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