North Cyprus Property Victims | Truth From the Source

North Cyprus Property Victims – Truth From the Source

I am now in the UK sorting out various personal matters.
It is true that I sold my villa in Edremit in June 2013 and although my then Advocate did not act for me in this sale, simply because it was not necessary; he did view the Contract and indeed has a copy.
I also worded and produced the rental contract between myself and the new owner which was a 6 month contract with an option to renew for a further 6 months at the same rental, my former Advocate also saw this. The relationship between myself and the new owner was and is excellent and they have been more than fair with us.
Of course, as I have already reported, Pembe Ibrahim was in the Tapu on the 6th June, the day we completed on the purchase.  She actually approached me and said ‘I hope this means you are leaving the island’, I just said, ‘no you’re are not that lucky’.  The purchaser remarked on her unpleasant manner. He got that right.
The reason I sold was that my then Advocate told me that the Interior Ministry were not going to give me Permission to Purchase, although it is odd that they gave me Permission to Purchase the villa on the K5, go figure. Do you think it had anything to do with me being a little vocal about a Bank being able to give a mortgage on a property that the borrower had already sold?
It is true that Agile is unwell. He is not hospitalised and is not dying, well no more than any of us.   I have always been led to believe you are dying from the minute you come into this world.
Will we return? At this moment in time, there is no reason to believe we would not be able to, indeed we both still have the residency stamp in our passports that do not expire for another year. Whatever we decide, it will be our decision and no one will influence that decision.   If we do return, we will rent and definitely not buy.
Never give in never give up
Pauline Ann read
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