Cyprus Problem | Joint Declaration Progressing ‘Inch-by-Inch’

Cyprus Problem – Joint Declaration Progressing ‘Inch-by-Inch’

According Havadis (07.11.13) UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Cyprus problem, Alexander Downer, said that the discussions on the joint declaration, which the south demands be a precondition for the resumption of reunification talks, is proceeding ‘inch by inch’. He said he expects the joint declaration to be completed in a week. When the Special Adviser was asked what would happen if a joint declaration could not be agreed on, he replied that this was not a consideration and that he is hopeful that a compromise will be reached.

Kibris newspaper (07.11.13) reports that TRNC President, Dervis Eroglu, argued that as the Cyprus problem will be entering into its 50th year in 2014 it is not possible to keep the two sides at the negotiating table for another 50 years. He added that now is the time for finding a solution. To this end he expects the negotiations to be completed by April 2014 and the decisions submitted to a referendum soon after. Ten years ago, a referendum resulted in an overwhelming acceptance of a solution by the north and an overwhelming rejection by the south, who were then rewarded with EU membership following which their banking system crashed. Some say the 2004 referendum rejection by the south was a lucky escape from joining them in that crash and the subsequent austerity which followed.

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