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Opinion – Vengeful Government

So how about the end of shipbuilding in Portsmouth? I see on the news already, that the jobs were saved in Scotland to stop Alex Salmond from exploiting the issue. Funny how government cuts never have any consequences eh? The people put out of work – and there will be a lot in suppliers, far more than in BAe – will not be buying things, so won’t contribute taxes, and also will have to be paid benefits. If that’s how you pay off a government deficit, it’s a bloody strange way of doing so!

I see that there is also talk that if Scotland does vote to secede, the jobs in BAe will probably be brought back to Portsmouth (if, of course, the workpeople will go back at Portsmouth) – that’s already actually giving ammo to Alex Salmond; but then, this government loves threats, does it not? And what’s the betting if Scotland does secede next year, Grangemouth will be closed anyway. (Actually, I suspect it will close as soon as the Scottish referendum is over regardless of any agreements.) I reckon the government’s sticky fingers were all over that episode, and will remain so. Again, they love to take revenge if things don’t go their way, and they’ll certainly stop at nothing to destroy unions, or any other form of organised groupings.

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