North Cyprus Property Victims | The Bank’s Waiting Game

Of course I personally am used to the harassment and demonising of me as an individual and frankly I suppose I should be flattered I merit so much attention, must be doing something right. I am still a great believer that whilst they are vilifying me they are leaving someone else alone. [see NCFP Article]

What a lot of you may not know is that whilst in residence in my villa at weekends, the Bank family patrol the site and generally act as ‘lord’s of the manor’. Yes of course this intimidates the real owners who are still in residence on the site and make no mistake, that is the aim. Those who are living on, or have lived on the K 5 site, do so in fear.

Will there be any sadness felt by the Bank owners at the passing of the eldest villa owner? I doubt it, they will probably see it as their strategy to outlive the owners as working perfectly. They do have time on their sides as most of them are so much younger than the ex pat pensioner owners. When they are pensioners and are asked “what did you do in your working life?” I wonder what the answer will be?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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