North Cyprus Property Victims | Goodbye to Mike Watkin-Jones

North Cyprus Property Victims – Goodbye to Mike Watkin-Jones

The sad news that our eldest member of the Kulaksiz 5 litigation group has passed on will fill the remaining members with sadness. However, knowing the brave and indefatigable nature of Mike Watkin-Jones, the last thing he would want us to do is ‘give up’

This article is one that Akfinans Bank took exception to, but the fact is Mike Watkin-Jones was a war hero, and Hitler did not ‘get ‘ him, they in fact took it completely wrongly and totally misunderstood this headline:

“Will Akfinans Bank do what Hitler could not?
Saturday, May 29, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

6th of the 6th month 1944 Normandy landings – D Day. Now here we are 66 years later facing our own D DAY on the 6th of the 6th. For those of you who watched the Damien films – count the 6′s.

Most of us at Kulaksiz 5 were post war babies. Not so Mike Watkins-Jones, Mike is 87 years old and flew spitfires during the war. The war to end all wars. He fought as did our fathers, uncles and aunts to make this a better world. To stamp out inhumanity, to create equality and a better world. It was a world conflict and I know many Turkish Cypriot gave their lives to achieve this objective. How is Mike being rewarded – by having his home sold from under him to satisfy a debt he did not incur. Is this right? Is this fair? Is this justice? I am aware that here it is legal – that being so – the law needs changing NOW.

We are accused by AKFINANS BANK LIMITED of blackmailing the state and that is so untrue, all we want is the state to recognise the Human Rights of the people of Kulaksiz 5 and all the other British, European and Turkish Cypriot people similarly affected by this erroneous banking practise. Now back to the 6s did you get it 666 – 666 Spooky or what? Be at the auction on 6th June 2010 at the Coffee Shop in Karsiyaka Square starts at 10.00 a.m. be early we expect a large turnout. Someone tell the Coffee Shop owner to get in plenty of coffee. I don’t know about you but I shall be wearing my cross and the eye for double indemnity. If you care – be there.”

6th June 2010, a day that shames the Government of the day who allowed it to happen. None of us will forget that the Founding father of the TRNC, Mr. Rauf Denktas, felt the same way and attended the auction in support of the victims.

Goodbye Mike, we will miss you but we will not dishonour your memory, your bravery and support in the fight for justice, the fight will continue.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read



Mr Denktas at auctioo with official.gif



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