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The start of Tuesday 6th November was a very good. Pauline had arranged a meeting with one of Kulaksiz 5 Advocates to discuss the case and the future strategy.  As everyone knows Pauline is not a member of the group that live on site and is too often kept in the dark about what is going on. The meeting was delayed because the Advocate was delayed in Girne District Court on court business. Pauline is well aware of these delays, having been in court herself on 100 plus occasions.

Whilst waiting, Pauline and Agile sat in a roadside cafe watching the world go by. Well, the whole world did not go by but Nurettin Tutuska did, and he looked well, which is probably more than you can say for his victims at Baris Apartments who are still living in fear of the next auction that could deprive them of their homes. The first auction of Baris Homes was on the 13th June 2010 during which, very fortunately, there were no bids. Pauline also received a phone call from her neighbour about a power cut which had started just after they left their home.

The meeting eventually took place and the contents were very positive and upbeat. Pauline now feels she has a handle on just what is happening, and about to happen, in the Kulaksiz 5 case but cannot discuss this it too much depth for obvious reasons.

Pauline and Agile eventually returned home in the late afternoon to find the power cut continued. A phone call to Kibtek by Agile revealed that they could expected the electricity supply to be resumed between 8 and 9 pm that evening. So out came the gas lights and Pauline used her laptop until it ran out of battery power.

Whilst on the laptop Pauline received a phone call from someone at Girne CID. The content of which she immediately made public through this article – The Strange Case of Non-Existent Emails and the Girne CID

The electricity supply was eventually resumed at 3.41 am; how does she know? She was still awake, thanks the phone call from the CID. That this form of harassment is still continuing appals her. Someone has even suggested her laptop (Laura) may be being used to frame her. She of course has access to the sort of expertise (through friends) that could easily discover if this were so, but she stated firmly that she does not think it is. She thinks it is another thinly disguised attempt to silence her. The truth it would seem is greatly feared.

She has recently been accused of being into ‘conspiracy mode’. Well the pseudo arrests, the confiscation of Laura laptop, being detained at Lapta Police Station, spurious publications in Turkish language newspapers are not figments of her imagination, they are provable events. That she has the courage to go public about such acts seems to offend some. Well, as she says, ” live with it, I have to.” If that makes some people consider her attention seeking and paranoid, so be it.


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