North Cyprus Property Victims | Tutuska Property Auction Revisited

I have been giving some thought to the other victims of the the property scams in north Cyprus. Clearly the implications of TRNC Mortgage Law 11/78 if taken on board by the judiciary could be far reaching and indeed affect everyone who has found themselves with a mortgage on their property after they purchased it, not taken out by them. If this law is applied then clearly there was a legal obligation on the Bank/Lending Institution to involve them and seek their consent. Not to do so, according to a leading legal opinion in north Cyprus, could open such Banks/Lending Institutions to criminal charges.

But what of the people who have found they have memorandums on their properties? People like the Tutuska victims who find themselves in chronological order way down the list of creditors. What hope is there for them? Frankly as yet, there seems to be no answer. Who can forget the Auction that took place just one week after the Kulaksiz 5 Auction. Fortunately there were no bids received at this Auction, although at one point someone did express interest. The victims of Tutuska (Baris Apartments) now live in fear of the next Auction date.

The victims of Tutuska (Nurettin Tutuska) are a mix of Turkish Cypriots and Turkish nationals. All have paid for their apartments and now live in uncertainty and fear and have no idea what their future holds. Such a common occurrence in north Cyprus where no one in authority seems to want to know.

No bids at the North Cyprus Tutuska property auction. 13 Jun 2010: the crowd had started to gather outside the coffee shop by the time I arrived. It warmed my heart to see many ex pats there and Turkish

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