Popular Science News | Cure for Deafness One Step Closer

Dr Marcelo Rivolta of Sheffield University said that his team’s work in finding a cure for deafness had made significant advances.

“The concept with this particular set of experiments is that we have shown that we can use stem cells, and actually human stem cells, to repair the damaged ear. Of course a lot more work needs to be done, but that is kind of a very important fundamental concept.

Human stem cells cultured in a test tube were injected into the ears of gerbils which had been deafened, helping to restore on average 45 per cent of the rodents’ former hearing ability.

The technique is not yet safe for human trials but could ultimately form the basis of a new treatment for auditory neuropathy, where deafness is caused by nerve damage in the inner ear, the team at Sheffield University said.” [Daily Telegraph]

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