Public Notice | In the matter of SENER LAW

12.09.2012: In the matter of SENER LAW company and Mr Mustafa Sener

In the absence of any other way to contact the above company or person. Since E-mails have been unanswered for over three months and the company offices in Girne are vacant with no forwarding address. I use this option to advise the following:

I hereby formally advise that every and each Instruction and Empowerment in relation to the transaction between myself Robin Peter Melhuish and Armacon Design and Construction, through the offices of the above company and in particular Mr Mustafa Sener are hereby rescinded and withdrawn. Would affected parties please note that, neither Sener Law Firm nor Mr Mustafa Sener has any instructions or briefings from me and is not acting on my behalf or for me.

This does not exclude Mr Sener and Sener Law from any liability for past work, for misrepresentation, and/or for errors in documentation allowed/incurred/or caused by either by negligence or professional error. I explicitly reserve my rights in the case of any of the above.

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