North Cyprus Property | Trouble in Kumyali

North Cyprus Property | Trouble in Kumyali WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Trouble in Kumyali

A short while ago a Turkish Cypriot property victim contacted NCFP requesting that her story of a very unsatisfactory property purchase be told.

On the 14th July 2004, 39 year old Mr T.C. contracted to buy a property in Kumyali from N******** Villas a company Mrs T.C aged 36 refers to as N**********. The intention was to return to their home land of north Cyprus with their son who is now 14 years old. They now have another son aged 5 who clearly was born after the start of this debacle. Mr and Mrs T.C returned to north Cyprus from the London area of the U.K.

Like most returning Turkish Cypriots they dreamed of a better life and a future where they could raise their family in safety away from the stresses of life in a big City.

Their Contract says that the property would be completed in 12 months, although the builder did give himself a month’s grace within the Contract. The Contract also said that the property would be built “employing the utmost care and diligence” and that they would use “good quality materials”. The agreed purchase price was £106,000 (sterling) and the purchasers agreed to paying an additional £1,000 for the fireplace of their choice. It was also stated that the builder would compensate them for every month for late delivery to the tune of whatever the rental value of the property would be.

The Contract is well worded and covers every base, making the Vendor responsible for VAT and his own taxes.

The purchasers have paid the equivalent of approximately 70% of the purchase price and have withheld the remainder because of what they consider and unacceptable building standard.

The photos provided will give you, dear reader, the opportunity to come to your own conclusion.

The purchasers and their sons are living in the property. They do have normal tariff electricity and water. They have no choice financially but to live in this property.

There is ongoing litigation and I am told the present situation is that DAU (Eastern Med. University) are preparing a survey on the property for court purposes. The purchasers claim that the retaining wall, which is very high, is not built to the correct standard and does not appear on the plan of the property.

The purchasers also claim the garden has many hazards too and it is unsafe for the children to play in.

They further claim that the double glazing is of such poor quality and badly fitted that water penetration is a constant nightmare. Clearly, in a country where damp is a problem, further water penetration and condensation adds to the problem and could present a health hazard.

I did ask the purchasers if the builders had the necessary permissions. I hope they will forgive for publishing their answer: “I presume so otherwise they would not have proceeded with the works, please remember this is the TRNC.” How many builds have been completed without ‘planning permission’? Rhetorical question, I know the answer… too many.

One interesting comment from the builders, allegedly, is that the deterioration is caused by weather and natural causes. Yes, you really Could Not Make It Up.

This case is in the courts at the present moment. Should the purchasers not only have the remedial work carried out to a high standard but also receive compensation for this nightmare they are living through? I think they should but this is just my personal opinion.

Look at the date of the Contract given above. Within that Contract is a 10 year guarantee of their work and we are coming perilously close to the end of that ten year guarantee.

All the details were provided by Mrs T.C. with documentary confirmation.

Never give in never give up.


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