North Cyprus Charity | “TOPARLANIYORUZ” Blue Cap Campaign

North Cyprus Charity | “TOPARLANIYORUZ” Blue Cap Campaign

Please support the “TOPARLANIYORUZ” blue cap campaign !

Please collect your blue plastic caps from your water bottles and take them to any of the collection points listed.

By collecting you blue plastic caps from your water bottles and delivering them to the collection points, you are doing your bit towards helping to provide much needed wheelchairs to those who need them.

The Toparlanıyoruz Movement launched a “Blue Cap” campaign to provide free wheelchairs for the disabled.

Plastic caps from bottles such as water coke, milk and juice cartons are needed too and can be any colour. Thousands of plastic bottle caps have already reached the Movement’s headquarters in Nicosia but more are needed.

Collection points can be found at

  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee-shop franchises in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta
  • Ezic Restaurants

Toparlanıyoruz volunteers believe by publicising the campaign on TV and Radio channels, those who live on the island will respond and hope that the message will extend to tourists too.

For further information on how you can assist this campaign please call 0392 227 99 93 or send an email to [email protected]

Together we can make a difference and help make the disabled mobile.

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