Elicos Liatsos | A True Cypriot and a Man of, and For, the Whole World

Elicos Liatsos – A True Cypriot and a man of, and for, the whole world.
I first met Elicos 40 years ago via my mother and father in law, Geoff and Eileen Brierley, who had taken up residence in 1970, in the early days of the country which was to become the TRNC. He was already there well before they arrived and continued to provide the most exemplary legal service he had already established, to them, and above all others, as well as to the many ex pats who were there and subsequently took root in and around Kyrenia. In those early days his modest office in Kyrenia was a delight. No flash furniture, no flash equipment and certainly no delay in being able to see him. Refreshingly, that continued to be the case. Until recently, before the computer and the email facilities arrived, one might have been concerned about the ‘paper’ based system he maintained or even the ‘Dickensian’ method in the use of the many, and substantial, files which he used. None of that deterred his resolute, and indefatigable, efficiency in all things legal.
His links to all in power in Cyprus, both north and south, were long-standing and everyone recognised that as they all knew he was an extraordinary and, a very rare, honest individual. He will be greatly missed by many, many folk, Turkish, Greek and British. I have to say I feel privileged to have known him. The last time we met, last year, I asked him, ‘When are you going to retire?’ He gave me one of his great big grins and simply said, ‘What would I do?’
RIP Elicos Liatsos
Ken Dunn
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