North Cypus Property | John Pattison’s Alpen Uz Appeal


North Cypus Property | John Pattison’s Alpen Uz Appeal

“From: John Pattison <[email protected]>
Subject: Alpan Uz and Mustafa Kemal Baykan property flops at Esentepe

Message Body:
Being one of many victims of Alpen Uz and Unwin Estates I had written off my losses. – BUT – I am in contact with the land owner partner of Uz and Unwin who was also ripped off by the deadly duo and he wants to continue under my project management… Ok I agree this has litle chance of revival but there is s glimmer of hope based on my project experience and investor contacts I have in the Middle East. I have already circulated e-mail to a list of victims I had on file from 2009 but many are no longer a those e-mail addresses. I wondered if you could help by posting an ad’ for all Moulflon and other Alpan Uz victims to get in touch at [email protected] OR [email protected]. I’m willing to post an update on where we are, the probability of success, additional cost and last but not least the very real risk of anyone without an injunction on theor plot could soon see it sold on to a new buyer. I don’t mind taking phone calls on 44 77818680583 but e-mal is preferable so that i can updated files as they new information comes in. I need realistic figures from buyers as I don’t believe everything has been covered in Mustafa Baykans account of refunds due. I can also see that the court award to Uz for construction work doen is incorrect as many buyers were billed by Unwin before work took place and of course it never did. I need to know if there is anyone still willing to buy or do they prefer a refund. These figures will make the restart of the project viable or not. finally I need to have all victims back in contact as they were two years ago so that shared information can benefit us all. probability is less than 50% but it is our last hope of some form of recovery. ”  

This e mail came into NCFP.  Clearly another property scam victim but it did seem a familiar name and story to me.  Research through our archives produced this article:

“Homebuyers Beware!
Friday, September 11, 2009 by John Pattison

 We had an email from John Pattison saying, “Something for your web site that may link me with other buyers of the same development:

“Not a new case, just another victim of Uz Bay Investments (Alpan Uz & Mustafa Baykan) handled badly by Unwin Estates.

Site Ref: Alpan Uz & Mustafa Baykan – Develi, Esentepe
Koçan (Registration) Nos: 15442
Plot Nos: 252/13/2 and 252/14
Sheet plan number: X111.15.E2

Out of 21 plots 19 were actually started which tells me the original intention was to fulfil the contracts the company entered into. However, 4 years on, with 19 properties partially built and 2 remaining as virgin ground, in a strange way I feel quite lucky that I’ve only paid one stage payment for my untouched plot whereas others have made 2 or 3 payments and still have very little to show for their money.

At first sight, the 3 bed villas with pool in Esentepe seemed like a great idea 4 years ago but due to a dispute between the partners Alpan Uz and Mustafa Baykan in Uz Bay Investments we all stand to lose our money. Buyers paid money to Unwin Estates but allegedly that money was paid only to Alpan Uz and nothing went to Mustafa Baykan. This is what I understand to have caused Mustafa Baykan to take legal action against his partner Alpan Uz and what caused progress on the development to halt indefinitely.

Unwin Estates hasn’t responded to my enquiries, Alpan Uz has answered my numerous phone calls only twice in a year and I have never had any contact details for Mustafa Baykan until recently when I met other buyers on the site.

I now have had a lot of information concerning the site directly from Mustafa Baykan and from other buyers even if Alpan Uz and Mark Unwin continue to ignore my requests for information. I have been told that Alpan Uz has moved all his assets into his mother’s name to avoid claims against him although he allegedly continues to spend heavily on building his own new villa. He is rumoured to have spent £100,000 on marble tiles following a big spend of ornate windows. If this is true, it doesn’t sound fair that someone with a debt to 21 customers and who is unlikely to finish the villas he is contracted to build, should be spending so much money on his own property whilst apparently leaving his customers out of pocket by something in the region of £ 950,000.

Contractually the buyers are entitled to £500/month compensation after 3 months delay and this equates to £ 346,500. In theory this would reduce the price of each villa by about 18% if there was any chance enforcing this. If Mustafa Baykan wins the case against Alpan Uz he is quoted as saying he wants to increase the price regardless of the contract that binds him to finish at the stated price.

Apparently Mark Unwin isn’t entirely blameless in all this. He is alleged to have invoiced a buyer (maybe more than one) for the 2nd and 3rd stage payment before the property was even at that stage and then subsequently didn’t forward that money to the development Uz Bay Investments or personally to Mustafa Baykan or Alpan Uz. In any other country that would count as fraud and I’m sure that buyers will consider his actions as amounting to as much.

Some buyers have placed a court injunction on their plot because they cannot put an injunction on plots subjected to other contracts. Injunctions are helpful in making sure Alpan Uz or even Mustafa Baykan cannot sell them again but they are limited to a time period so need to be renewed indefinitely if they are to be affective.

If all 21 buyers joined forces and put an injunction on the entire site we are protected but still haven’t got our villas. I’ve propose that we go ahead with a joint injunction but also the buyers bring this to court in an attempt to seize the land we’ve jointly already paid for. If successful we’ll continue with another builder under my project management or that of an elected group of buyers with relevant skills.

If that isn’t possible under local law the only way of recovering money is not by throwing more money at the ineffective legal system but by using debt collectors. Legal or not it would be able to recovery money disguised as mother’s assets whereas as a legal claim may or may not win but either way we wouldn’t be paid because Alpan has no assets of his own. Mustafa also has no other assets but as of this time he legally owns the land out money is attached to. The first court battle between the partners went in favour of Mustafa and he was awarded his land back.

For any buyers of these properties that want to contact me use [email protected] Or call me on +971 55 942 4433″

Mr Pattison clearly needs information from the other victims of this particular scam so please, if you are a victim on this site, co-operate and give the information asked for.  Please use the email and telephone details in the email at the top.  These are the most recent contact details.

There are so many scams in north Cyprus and too many victims. It is perhaps appealing to deaf ears but again I say to the Government, don’t tell us the courts are the answer, we know they are not.  You are the answer and you can help if you have the will to.

Never give in never give up.


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