North Cyprus Property | Tapu Deregistered Contracts without Permission


Pauline receives many emails through her own email address and through NCFP.  Wherever possible she guides the writers of the emails to the correct avenue for help. She is not legally qualified so she can only show these people the way to find help. That does not stop her becoming involved, simply because she does know how it feels to be victimised and because as a Christian and a caring person it is the right thing to do. She knows her limitations and never puts a foot beyond them, to do so would be arrogant on her part.

Today she will attend court with a couple who have travelled over here for two weeks in an attempt to stop a villain selling their property. This couple are acting on behalf of others on the same site with the same problem. Pauline is attending to give moral support only.

NO names can or will be mentioned but briefly, the story goes:

  • Purchase and Contract signed 2004
  • Completion due 24 months later 2006
  • Contract Registered as per new Estate Agents Law 2008

The properties are still not finished. There was dispute between the landowner and developers, oh how surprising.

Now here comes the biggee. Most of the money has been paid by the purchasers, although the build is not complete and the site is without mains water and electricity, some six years over the scheduled finish date. The big shock is that the Contracts, at the request of either the landowner or developer, have been deregistered. “How can that happen”? I hear you shout. Well, you tell me, all I know is that it has. Hands up all of your who think the Tapu should have told these villains to go forth and multiply?

When you were told how this new law protects purchasers and you remember thinking , thank goodness for that, think again. The villains can find a way round anything and have.

I will keep you apprised of developments. You Could Not Make It Up.

Pandora S Box

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