Modern Poetry | Damaged Wing Series | Keep them Furled

Modern Poetry – Damaged Wing Series | Keep them Furled

This poem is a continuation of Damaged Wing, a love letter I suppose, we corresponded with poetry looking for salvation. 

Keep them Furled

Keep them furled round my body
Around and in my heart.
Softness of down
Piercing my mind.
Forever and forever
We are fated.
Drawn to this
We are made as one.
No chanting,
Mantra, Hari Krishna bell.
Third eye, Cross or Mosque
We are chosen by each other.
Childlike we are
Young and aged alike.
We know we love
Salvation from hurt.
Removed from loneliness
The most valuable possession.
Another’s heart in hand
Hold gently.
Do not look away
Keep it safe, keep whole.
Be pure and chaste
Never drop this.
Shattered heart brings tears
Despair and isolation.
Hearts cared for bring tears
Tears of joy and happiness.
We can be happy my love
If we want it to be.
I will lick tears of joy from your eyes
From your face.
Tears that mingle with mine.
Emotional ocean.
Released, at peace
Found you at last.
Found me, found us
Exciting, beyond belief.
What do we do now
Just be, nothing else matters.
Our wings are growing
Can you feel.
Growing to wrap and protect
Tender love and hearts.
Soft, supple and strong
Weaving together.
Our bond
Our love together

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