Popular Science News | Top 5 E-Readers Under £200

Popular Science News – if you are thinking a either upgrading your e-reader or moving from paper-based books then here is a list of the top 5 E-Readers priced under £200.

Google Nexus 7 – £192.99 (5/5):  Google’s 7in tablet computer offers films, television, music and books from their Google Play store or you could read Kindle and Kobo e-books using an Android app. This means that you can download apps to watch TV on the Nexus 7 along with countless other uses. Google Nexus 7

Kindle Fire HD, Amazon – £159 (5/5):  It’s really a 7in tablet computer, which means you can do more than just read e-books including browsing the web and, thanks to its front-facing camera, you can use it to make Skype calls. With only 11 hours battery life it isn’t as good as a dedicated e-reader but with all its other functions you might prefer the extra flexibility. Kindle Fire HD 7″

Kobo Mini – £49.99 (3.5/5): The screen doesn’t quite match the quality of a Kindle and the touch-screen feels a little strange but the 5in screen feels more compact and portable, much easier to slip into a pocket. It hasn’t got the bells and whistle associated with the more expensive e-readers but because of that the battery life is a month, and at £49.99 it’s a perfect Christmas present. Kobo Mini

Kindle Paperwhite – £109 (4/5):  The screen is front-lit so that you can read in low light. When reading in a well-lit room, the light makes the screen appear whiter so it is more like reading on paper. The design is lovely too, with a touch-screen so buttons can be kept to a minimum. It’s perhaps a little heavy and less versatile than a tablet but, if you just want an ereader, this remains the best on the market. Kindle Paperwhite, 6″

Nook Simple Touch – £79 (3/5):  This e-reader isn’t such a nice design as the rest but then that is a subjective thing, however the Nook’s front-lit screen is much more obtrusive than Amazon’s version. Nook Simple Touch

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