North Cyprus Property Scandal as Ex-Pat Homes Auctioned on 27th November 2011

Until we hear to the contrary we have to assume that the Auction planned for 27th November at the Coffee Shop opposite the courts in Girne will go ahead. The start time is advertised as 10.00 a.m.

As far as I am aware, this site covered by Kocans 1254 and 1256 is/was owned by Eray Fellaloglu the original landowner, who in return for a villa allowed Gary Robb to develop the land and build a total of six villas on the land. Surprise, surprise Mr Robb did not keep to his side of the deal.

Mr Fellaloglu, who it is alleged has the first judgement on the land, has pushed for the auction and could well end up with his land back with 4 villas on it, assuming of course he intends to bid at the auction. It is also alleged that Aga Development Limited hold 5/6ths share of this site and the victims are concerned something underhand could be going on. Outrageous to think along these lines? Not in my opinion, especially where this company is concerned and when you consider the named shareholders of Aga Development Limited details dated February 2009.

AKAN adi his mik 581
KURSAT adi his bed 1,000000 YTL

One of the members of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group stands to loose his home and all he has invested in it if this auction proceeds. He does have a judgement but is number 20 plus in the list of creditors, so in date order he is very much at the back of the queue. Amaranta buyers allegedly have blanket injunctions on most of the well known owners’ company assets here in the TRNC. Has he found a way round this to claw back some of his allegedly ill gotten gains, who can tell?

The owners of the properties at risk are consulting with their legal advisers. Stop the Blackmail Committee have had urgent meetings with influential people including a Government representative to lobby for the cancellation of this Auction.

Hard working Turkish Cypriot people are appalled at what is happening to their own citizens and guests in this country because of the frauds occurring in the Property Market here in the TRNC. Many tell me how ashamed they are of this tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

This would not be happening in any other civilised country where the laws protect the weak and the vulnerable. Banks would not be allowed to act in a gung-ho manner and repossess properties without a court order or intimidate the old and the frail and still claim it is lawful. The police would be made to account for allegedly ignoring the rights of the vulnerable and innocent. All such action would cease until the final outcome of court cases was known.

I once wrote, ‘how many times have my Human Rights been violated, let me count the ways.’ Well I have run out of fingers and toes to count on. Now I watch as it is happening to others and I cannot sit idly by.

If you feel as I do and wish then consider attending the auction and making your presence felt, but in a peaceful and dignified fashion. We are law abiding people who love the TRNC and wish only good things for the home of our choice.

If you care, be there.


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