A visit to Güzelyurt and Sönmez Restaurant

Every now and again, I feel the need to get out and just relax, forget about the property campaigns, forget about the stress that is our constant companion and just go somewhere for a few hours of R and R. I love going to the Karpas and visiting with Dolores the donkey, but it is quite an undertaking simply because of the distance.

Yesterday we decided to visit the market in Guzelyurt. I love the journey through Lapta, through Karsiyaka and out on the country road. I think the scenery looks different every time I travel this route. Yes I did pass the Boyut sites, which in my opinion is going to be a really big problem for us campaigners in the future, but I decided I would leave those at the back of mind for another day.

We arrived in Guzelyurt, the town was buzzing with people doing their shopping, having coffee at the coffee shops and enjoying a beautiful October day here in the TRNC. I just love this time of the year.

The market was crowded, which I love, the atmosphere is wonderful, the smiles and the helpful manner of the stall holders is such a pleasant experience.

We bought vegetables to go with the Sunday roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The vegetables are always fresh and of a good quality on this market, I had trouble deciding who to buy from.

We left the market and drove out of Guzelyurt to Lefke, I have so many times seen the old mine workings and the pier that was once where the boats were loaded with the mined copper, but every time I marvel at it.

We stopped for refreshment, sitting beside the sea and just feeling so blessed to live here.

On the way back we stopped at Sonmez Restaurant in Camlibel. Coming from Gurzelyurt it is on the left just past the Army barracks. We had a couple of Lahmacun each and they were delicious. We also had a beer each. The price 20TL for everything, a reasonable price for a very filling lunch.

Whilst in the Restaurant, two Jeep Safaris pulled in with Dutch tourists on board. They stopped for lunch and I have to say their choice of food looked good too.

I had a chat with the drivers of the Jeeps, John and Rob, who told me they regularly bring tourists in to this Restaurant and they have never had a complaint about the quality of the food. I must say the Dutch tourists seemed to be having a good time, The Safaris are run by www.cyprusactive.com

If you are looking to entertain your guests when they visit you, it looks like a good way to do it. Contact Richard – 0533 881 89 93 or email [email protected]

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