North Cyprus Property Purchase Discrimination – Another Nail in the Coffin

The Property Market in the TRNC is in crisis, an understatement you may think. The Property Market is dying most will think and it will need just one little shove to push it into its grave. Well that shove may just have been administered.

In its wisdom the Government changed the rules as far as foreign purchasers are concerned. The Land Registry Transfer Fee has not as some would think been increased, instead the once in a lifetime option to reduce this fee from 6% to 3% has been withdrawn, but ONLY for foreign purchasers.

It seems that the Government have learned nothing from all the bars and restaurants who tried to apply the same reverse psychology in their businesses, their logic – ‘ I only have 10 regular customers this year – last year I had 30, what can I do? I know I’ll put my prices up so I will earn the same from less people’. Those restaurants now stand empty with KIRALIK or SATILIK posted on the dirty windows, dirty because they have stood empty for so long.

Is this any way to run a country, to add further to the already heavily burdened Property Market which is reeling from the frauds, the auctions, the evictions? Did someone ask ‘what evictions?’ Well to date the two illegal evictions of myself and Eva Mc Cluskey and the certainty of the evictions of the rest of the Kulaksiz 5 unless this Government sees sense.

If the Govenment had streamlined the Permission to Purchase system, so that instead of taking years to be issued it took weeks, many of those who bought a long while ago, but could not get the transfer completed because of the PTP ‘s delay, would not now be caught in this ‘trap’.

Since the abolition of this discount only applies to foreigners, it is clearly RACIST. Is it therefore also violation of Human Rights. That is certainly something I will put to Boysan Boyra and ask if we can add it to the long list of Human Rights violations in the ECHR case we, the Kulaksiz 5, have already submitted to Strasbourg.

I could be barking up the wrong tree, but hey it is partly my tree so I’ll bark up it all I want.

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