Ikimiz, Kyrenia Restaurant Serving Typical Turkish Cypriot Cuisine

Ikimiz Kyrenia Restaurant is not a typical North Cyprus restaurant. Whilst many serve Turkish Cypriot food there is a difference. In North Cyprus food is often served which is not the best example of what is Turkish Cypriot cuisine. Eating at Ikimiz Restaurant brings a multitude of surprises such as “is that plums with the lamb!”

Ikimiz Restaurant is located in the old Turkish quarter of Kyrenia and has a beautiful large garden filled with fragrant flowers and trees illuminated by dim light from handmade ‘courgette’ lights which makes for a romantic and homely feel.

Come to Ikimez Restaurant and see what Fatma & Latife, “The Two of Us” as Ikimiz translates, have prepared to surprise your palate.

For more information, visit Ikimiz Restaurant’s website at


Kyrenia Restaurant

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