North Cyprus Property | Russian Buyer Attacked by Builder


North Cyprus Property | Russian Buyer Attacked by Builder

When you think things can only get better they don’t.

I have read on the internet of many alleged scams by Russians aided and abetted by local mafia.  They think they are invincible here, but they are not. Now, today, I read on the internet of an attack on a defenceless Russian and her boyfriend. Sources tell me the Police have done their duty. [Editor: the full story is available to members of but NCFP have been asked to not make the story public]

Also today there is an appearance at Girne District Court in relation to this case covered by NCFP last year: Betrayed by a Turkish Cypriot “friend”

It would seem now that the days of the dishonest and fraudulent in the property market are numbered. Let us hope this is not a false dawn.

The hard working people of north Cyprus need and deserve a good system of law and order and, it has to be said, when working well it is good. This is a state where law and order is the right of all citizens and visitors. Now is the time to realise, if you break the law, if you think you are above the law, think again, you are not, and Justice will be done and seen to be done.

It reminds me of a TV add on an American detective series: “let everyone know, if you kill a police officer, you will not live to regret it”. I would amend it for north Cyprus. “If you scam a property purchaser in north Cyprus, you will live to regret it”. Let us hope my amendment becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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