North Cyprus News | Doing Business North Cyprus Style

North Cyprus News | Doing Business North Cyprus Style

I’ve been reading a load of complaints about a recent bit of North Cyprus business being done in Girne by the landlord of Poundland, a very successful North Cyprus business selling pound things for about £1.40. Cheers mate, that’s what I call doing North Cyprus business!

Anyway, back to the hero of my story, Poundland’s (gotta laugh at that, 4TL land it should be) landlord turned the free parking into a 3TL car park and what does he get for doing a bit of North Cyprus business, a lot of grief from punters who say they won’t pay 3TL to go in the shop and then pay 4TL for a bit of dodgy tat. Well let them go back to England then!

Anyways, the landlord might have a case for issuing writs to all these moaners because now after spending thousands of pounds, or should that be TLs, has found that no one is using his upmarket car park, now minus all the potholes. Gotta be worth the price just to save your suspension being needing a botched repair by some backstreet ‘mechanic’ probably saving up to retake his domestic science ‘O’ Level which qualifies him to do repairs here. Not that he’ll even need that if he’s a local.

And guess what, the shop keepers now say their business has dropped like a Zulu’s whatsits and they might move and cars are double parked all over the place making it a difficult job for the police who don’t know who isn’t their cousin and therefore needs to be issued a ticket! Why make it so complicated? Here’s a tip, go into the car park, get a ticket, show it to Mr Poundland who will then think about giving you a discount on some of his 5TL goods (not priced up yet) at the princely rate of 1TL ( not pounds hahaha) off each. At least that’s what my cousin thinks the deal is.

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