Cyprus Bailout | The South to ‘Create’ 8000 New Jobs

Cyprus Bailout | The South to 'Create' 8000 New JobsCyprus Bailout | The South to ‘Create’ 8000 New Jobs

When I read this in the Famagusta Gazette I thought this was an article first published a few years ago and was about the government down south creating unneeded posts in the Civil Service. It wasn’t, it was the current Labour and Social Insurance Minister, Zeta Emilianidou, announcing the performance of miracles. This was despite Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, forecasting on Friday that in Cyprus a

“profound contraction in economic activity is expected to weigh on employment.”

This is a bit like responding to a weather forecast saying it isn’t going to rain by saying that the government is going to hire a Rain Dancer to make it rain. OK, not exactly, the government is going to create much needed jobs in…well there’s the problem, where are these much needed jobs? If a storm destroyed an industrial estate and this resulted in 20,000 employees being put out of work, yes you could create 8,000 jobs cleaning up the mess and rebuilding the estate. Doesn’t improve the employment prospects for those put out of work, not unless they are skilled to do these new jobs.

So, back to the point of the article, what are these 8000 new jobs going to be doing and who is going to do them? Are the new jobs for people in the banking industry where unemployment will surely rise? The report states that rising unemployment in 2013, in the south, will be as a result of:

“reduced business activity, possible spillovers from the restructuring of the banking sector to professional business services and the hiring freeze in the public sector.”

So much for the hiring freeze in the public sector then, looks like the government are now hiring! There goes the EU bailout money, paying for more civil servants it looks like!

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