North Cyprus Property | Plea to the Future Government


North Cyprus Property | Plea to the Future Government

With an election in the pipeline here in north Cyprus, I guess the politicians will now be concentrating on their campaign to convince the voting public to vote for them.

As a foreigner, and also as the caretaker of the Original Stop the Blackmail In North Cyprus secret group, I am apolitical and indeed it has always been the the group’s policy to be apolitical and secular.

It will be exciting to watch and read just how the parties jockey for position on TV and in the media. Clearly the people will cast their votes according to their beliefs and conscience and, since I know this to be a democratic society, I have no doubt the party that has the most appeal to those who hold a vote will emerge the winner, or maybe we will end up with a coalition government.

The foreign members of our group have no vote, but we do have a large Turkish Cypriot membership who do have a vote and I hope they will exercise their right and use it.

My one request has to be that whoever wins, they will respect that these groups have been formed because there is a need and that the new government will recognise this and do all within their power to free those who have suffered so long from the stress and trauma of being a victim of property issues, in doing so give them hope and the peace they desired when they purchased in this beautiful country they call home.

We all love north Cyprus

Pauline Ann Read


Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group. (original)

Membership 2930 plus

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