Cyprus News | Anastasiades Worse Than Christofias?

Cyprus News | Anastasiades Worse Than Christofias?Cyprus News | Anastasiades Worse Than Christofias?

When Anastasiades was first elected as President in the south, his 2004 pro-Annan stance was seen as a sign that he would bring peace to the Cyprus ‘Peace Talks’. He appeared to be a man with some peace in his heart and a likely candidate to be conciliatory in negotiations with the north. A few niggly incidents appear to be chipping away his image as the peace-maker.

A recent event was the governments intention to purchase two open sea patrol boats which, according to the south’s defence minister, “would be able…to safeguard our sovereign rights in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus.” Against the Turkish navy, I assume. Someone obviously believes they’re worth the €120m each they would cost during this time of austerity. This is something that ex-president, Christofias, would have done and would have drawn criticism for being ignorant, and would have sued the slanderer who said so.

Hold on, is this a cunning plan to drawn similar criticisms and start law suits in order to bring in much needed finance for the south? Perhaps they’re not not even intending buying the patrol boats after all? Or is this a sign of a gradual decline of a man who offered so much promise?

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