North Cyprus Property | Multiple Court Appearances

North Cyprus Property | Multiple Court AppearancesWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Multiple Court Appearances

Tomorrow Tuesday 28th May, I shall be in the Girne District Court purely in a supporting role. As the caretaker of the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook group, I see it as a duty to support all those with property problems, some more actively than others.

The two sets of victims I shall be there to support are British. They have property related cases and coincidentally have the same Judge.  They do have different Advocates so I guess how long I shall be there depends mainly on the order in which these cases will be dealt with. There are many cases in the courts every day. The legal professionals have to be employed in the only growth industry here.

I believe one of the cases could be a hearing to decide on whether security of costs is needed. The Defence says yes they are, as the Plaintiffs are not resident here. Untrue of course, they are and can prove it with the necessary stamp in their passport, a rental contract and proof of sufficient income. Of course they have already proved this to the Ministry of the Interior, witnessed by the fact they have the necessary stamp in their passports.

Security of costs is another hurdle to be jumped if you are an absentee owner taking legal action and one you should be aware of when embarking on legal action – see Security of Costs

The second court appearance this week is my own. I will be at the court with Mehmet Kaptan Bensen of the 30th May for the 5th Libel case. This will probably be yet another adjournment. Coincidentally it will be the same court and the same Judge; three times in one week.

June will be the last month before the summer recess which is from July to mid September. So far I have only two dates in June, but as we all know, this could and probably will change.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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