North Cyprus Property | Pauline Read’s 2012 Review | 1st Quarter


North Cyprus Property | Pauline Read’s 2012 Review | 1st Quarter

This is a potted version of my year in my private hell otherwise known as my life in north Cyprus.

5th January 2012 – Called into the Permission to Purchase Office in Lefkosa, no news told to phone on Friday.

13th January 2012 – Sad day – learned of the death of our true friend and a national treasure Mr Rauf Denktas.

16th January 2012 – Kulaksiz 5 in court again, adjourned till the 9th February/

17th January 2012 – Sad sad day – State Funeral for Mr. Rauf Denktas.

21st January 2012 – Flew to England to visit my sister and get away for a while from the madness that is my life.

2nd February 2012 – Bailiff called on Agile (not due back from UK until later that day.) The Bailiff had two Writs, one demanding money so Agile rushed to cash machine so that if a reception committee was waiting for me as I got off the plane (remember Geoff and Mary Day) at least he would have the money to ensure I did not get taken straight to prison.

3rd February 2012 – Arrived back in north Cyprus, late due to heavy snow in Istanbul and thank God, no reception committee.

9th February 2012 – Attended Girne District Court, Bailiff and two policemen waiting for outside the court room of Judge Talat Usar on the second floor. Served with both Writs. When I asked why the policemen were there, given some excuse, but strangely as soon as it was realised we had the money, which Agile went with the Bailiff to pay, the policemen also disappeared. 2565 lira was paid into the court for the costs awarded to Akfinans Bank on the 26th August 2011. The second Writ was a Libel Writ. The one ninths share of money owed by absentee owner Mrs Arline Barclay is still outstanding and Mr. Richard Barclay still refuses to pay. The K5 case was adjourned until the 15th March.

13th February 2012 – Appeared on AS TV with Husnu Kisi.

14th February 2012 – Attended first meeting with Advocate in Famagusta who is representing me in the Libel Writ case.

15th February 2012 – Met with the Head of the Teachers Union in Lefkosa, and then went to meet with the editor of Afrika Gazetesi. Also met with Cafer Gurcafer former Head of the Constructors Union (acted as interpreter)

17th February 2012 – Interview given to the editor of Afrika Gazetesi made the front page and several other pages plus I was Hero of the Day in the paper too.

24th February 2012 – Met with Husnu Kisi at Cafe Dukkan. Met with Ozkan Yorgancioglu leader of the main opposition party. Had lunch at the Teachers Union HQ with the Head of the Union and the editor of Afrika Gazetezi.

28th February 2012 – Appeared on Genc TV for at 8.00 a.m. Carried on to the Teachers’ Union HQ and did a two hour radio programme on Radio Mayis.

29th February 2012 – Visited the Prosecutor’s office in Girne to enquire about Laura the Laptop. Told to come back tomorrow. At 11.00 am held a press conference at the Teachers Union HQ – well attended by press and TAK.

1st March 2012 – Revisited Prosecutor’s office, had very civil discussion, explained the situation. Laura still languishes in Girne Police Station. (I think). Bought loads of newspapers, made a big ‘splash’ with most covering the press conference.

2nd March 2012 – Another writ attempted to be served. Halkin Sesi newspaper carrying a report calling for Pauline to be deported. Yeniduzen carrying similar report and both carrying copies of items that could only have been obtained by dubious means.

5th March 2012 – Attended another smaller press conference at TDP party HQ with Mr. Mehmet Cakici another opposition party leader.

6th March 2012 – Attended the Teachers’ Union HQ for another radio programme appearance (2 hours).

14th March 2012 – Spent five hours doing a Turkish language reply to the articles in Halkin Sesi and Yeniduzen. Both refused to publish. Kibris Postasi published it.

15th March 2012 – Kulaksiz 5 in court again – adjourned to the 13th April.

20th March 2012 – Appeared on Ada TV in a programme hosted by Hasan Hasturer. There is now a Libel Writ out against all involved – 13 plaintiffs -v- 8 defendants.

21st March 2012 – Another Ada Tv programme had been scheduled for this day but it was cancelled.

28th March 2012 – Meeting with Head of Consumers Association in Lefkosa. Strangely, after phoning during the Ada TV programme, this man never ever got back to me.

This is just the first three months of 2012. The next three months will follow. The CAC office started during March too and I was spending long days there. Hard to believe that this is retirement

Pauline Read style. Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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