Modern Poetry | Flowers | Wings Series

Modern Poetry – Flowers – Wings Series. I thought that I had posted all of the Wings Series but I had stored some verse elsewhere.


They announce the occasion
White for the virgin.
Black for death
Red for love.
Pink for a girl
Blue for a boy.
The loudest colour of all
Embarrassed cheek of girl or boy.
We have had them all
Confetti in our lives.
Throw me red rose petals
Shower me with love.
Spray me with your rainbow
Dazzle me with your spectrum.
No need for pots of gold at the end
Just your hand to hold.
Flowers in my garden announce
Your pending arrival.
Yellow trumpeters polish their blooms
A silent serenading fanfare.
Fit for a queen
My Queen, my Lady.
The prettiest flower of all
Music’s fairest note.
Wishing my garden to bloom
To please your eye.
Man and nature’s bounty
Planted, sown and blown.
Buy in shops, gift of bird
Planted and watered.
With love grown
Tended daily, please bloom.
Cannot rush nature
Cannot rush bloom.
Who is driving this express train
No driver they cry, jump.
No I will stay on, do or die
I have a ticket to a fond girls heart.
A single fare
To be together.
Sceptics laugh and scorn
We who know we are born.
Trueness running through the soul
Tenderness, weakness, life, strength.
Nurture vulnerable tendrils
Eventually reaching out.
Entwining with those
You cannot live without.
Broken wing
Loss of flight, loss of sight.
Spiralling down, out of light
Into dark, twisting, falling.
Caught in strong arms
Healing, nurturing loving.
You can see touch and smell
The flowers all around.

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