North Cyprus Property | Pauline in Court Today

North Cyprus Property | Pauline in Court TodayWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Pauline in Court Today

I have often been known to say, ‘ I trust no one, I know what I am thinking, beyond that, I know nothing’. That is how you become when you have lived in north Cyprus long enough.

I am in court today with two very good friends of mine who will freely admit that they definitely misplaced their trust.

“Betrayed by a Turkish Cypriot “friend”
Friday, August 3, 2012  by Pauline Ann Read

Another scam is unfolding before my eyes at this very moment.

Friends had a property built on land belonging to a Turkish Cypriot who they had been friends with for twelve years. They felt more like family than friends. The arrangement being that they paid for the build and then they lived in until their death, at which time it would revert to the children of their dear Turkish Cypriot friend.

All worked well whilst it was a holiday home, once they came to live in it on a permanent basis, things took a downward plunge.

Yes, you have guessed it. He wants them out. It seems he can do this terrible thing to them, yet if they retaliate in any way, they are dishonouring him.

He happily supplied them with well water, he has a plentiful supply. He has turned this supply off and refuses access to any tanker to bring water to his ‘friends’. Yesterday, he switched off the supply of electricity to their home, the meter is separate but in his name and they have been paying for their supply by standing order through the Bank. He has chained up the two gates that give access.

There is a peculiar attitude adopted by some Turkish Cypriots, they can take your money, then change their minds, then if you object, you are in the wrong and dishonouring them. Now call me naive, but surely there has to be honour before there can be dishonour?

The fact that this Turkish Cypriot is denying these people their Human Rights, their very basic of Human Rights, means nothing to this Turkish Cypriot. When told it was their Human Right that they receive water and electricity, his reply “not here darling”.

The comments section I am sure will be full of posts telling these victims that they were foolish. Well they really do not need telling that, now. They trusted a friend, he betrayed them.

Turkish Cypriots will tell you how dreadful it was when Enosis was at its height. They will tell you of Greek Cypriot neighbours who had become friends and then turned on them. You would think that with this example they would behave better. Ask any victim of the property scam, in 99% of the cases, their villain first played the part of their friend.

It is a minority of Turkish Cypriot’s who behave this way, certainly there have been British and Turkish villains too, but somehow with their recent history, you would think the few Turkish Cypriots who do behave badly would have learned something of how it feels to be under siege. At this moment in time, the victims above are very much under siege.

Why am I not mentioning names, because I am still hoping decency and good sense will prevail. The eternal optimist.

Pauline Ann Read”

This case, like most, looks like it will run and run and every obstacle the defendant can find to throw in their path, he is doing so.

My friends live here, they have a valid residency stamped in their passport and yet still they are having to prove they live here or face paying ‘security of costs’ which is something non-residents are required to do. Of course they see this for what it is, an attempt to financially get them to abandon the case. He knows they rent, what choice do they have, he has made it impossible for them to live in the property they financed on ‘his’ land.

It beggars belief that in the 21st century such an obvious ploy is not just thrown out of court. Maybe it will be, we can live in hope and trust (did I say trust) in the system,


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