North Cyprus Property | Robb/Karmi Auction Implications

North Cyprus Property | Robb/Karmi Auction ImplicationsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Robb/Karmi Auction Implications

In hindsight, I am sure even those who facilitated the existence of Garry Robb in north Cyprus are beginning to wish they had never heard his name.

Well of course, all the victims will be feeling the same. The difference being that the facilitators became rich and the victims became poor due to his presence in north Cyprus. Robb, well who knows how much he is worth? We all know he is morally bankrupt, but financially…another story?

Today Helen and Graham are still reeling after the events of the weekend.

The third time this auction had been arranged, it actually happened. The auction that took place, just like everything that preceded it, was like a Greek tragedy, except it wasn’t happening in Greece, it was happening in north Cyprus and Turks were involved. We are led to believe it was a Turkish builder, entrepreneur call him what you will, who bid for and got the land that Helen’s house stood on. Whatever name you choose for this man, he was in the company of the landowner so make what you will of that. I call him an opportunist. A man prepared to profit from the misery of British home buyers who DID NOTHING WRONG. How can you explain to children that if you do nothing wrong, nothing bad will happen to you? It seems that virtue which is said to have its own rewards is not so in north Cyprus. Not only did the opportunist bid for the land, he then surrounded the table and himself with his ‘bodyguards’. Was that so that anyone else thinking of bidding, would think again?

Ask the victims of:

Garry Robb…..Aga Development Limited

K5……..Kulaksiz Construction Limited and Deleted Bank

Olive Grove

Boyut Construction Limited


Santa Fe

Greenhills site


The victims of bad builds, no builds, no water, no electricity, no planning permission and on and on and on.

These builders and these issues have been known by successive governments for years, has any of the governments even tried to get to grips with these problems? No. How many promises have been made and not kept. Too many. Do we expect to see any changes to help those with these problems. No.

The only advice given is litigate, completely ignoring the fact that had the legal services already paid for been done correctly, very few of these problems would exist. How can anyone trust those who got it so badly wrong the first time, to get it right now?


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