Cyprus Today | 10/7/2013

Cyprus Today | 10/7/2013Cyprus Today | 10/7/2013

Auction Homes Sold – Karmi/Robb Auction – Rifat Ayan, the only bidder, bought the site for 510,000TL. The newspaper is worth buying if only for the 2-page middle page spread about the case. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the sale and not even the interim government can do anything until the law is changed.

Plug Pulled on Festival – the Silk Route Festival has been cancelled

Driver Stabbed by Car-Jacker – on the Girne-Lefkosa road

Entertainer Does Disappearing Act – an expat entertainer who launched the Bamboo Beach Market & Wok Around the Clock has closed up and has left the island because of what he alleges is ‘massive racism’. He had been fined over 20,000TL because of a lack of work permits in his TRNC registered business.


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