North Cyprus Property | Looking for Property in 2005

North Cyprus Property | Looking for Property in 2005Without Prejudice

North Cyprus Property | Looking for Property in 2005

When we were being ferried around north Cyprus back in September 2005, little did we realise that no matter which of the properties we eventually settled for, we would have been buying trouble with a capital T.

We were shown Chelsey Village, described then as a ‘gated community’. Well events today show that would have been a bad choice too. When buying a property, I do not want to give the builder open access to my bank account for forever and a day. I expect a road provided and maintained by the local authority. I am not a share of costs type of person, just expect to maintain my own piece of the pie. So glad we were not even slightly attracted to that idea.

Boyut. Oh dear we were shown both Harmony, opposite Titanic nightclub, and the Olympic site. Both are fraught with problems today, although back in September 2005, who could have seen that coming. No one I know was ever told that foreigners could not buy close to a military site and mortgages after you buy, mortgages after you buy….I would have laughed and said ‘ what is that all about?’ Sadly today, and to my great cost, I know it is not a laughing matter.

We were shown other properties and told all manner of famous footballers were buying these up like hotcakes. Yeah, yeah, yea. Remember, we thought we were in a civilised country. Imagine living next door to one and what this would do for the value? Well of course, that was never going to happen and if it did, he would probably play for Sheffield Thursday.

Well of course, where we did buy is now history. I wish I could wake up in the shower and find it was all a dream. Unfortunately, it is our reality and unlikely we will ever see the end to the court cases aimed at putting this travesty of injustice to bed.

Justice for all property scam victims is the minimum requirement to resurrect the property sector in north Cyprus and nothing else will do.

Buying property in north Cyprus could effect your health, wealth and well being. Caveat Emptor. Buyer beware.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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