North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Another CVOA Reply

North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Another CVOA ReplyNorth Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Another CVOA Reply

As each side in the Chelsey Village Maintenance affair makes accusations the other side obviously has the right to reply. This time it is CVOA’s turn:

“It is probably too late to re-print the whole shebang but I would be grateful if you could print items 1 – 10 and If not, please just add items 1 – 10 and add the paragraph about actual maintenance being 12% equal to £44 pm in previous email below, together with my response to the latest accusations:

12.8.13 : I see I am now accused of renting my car to CV Management. This refers to a six week period when Adrian Smith had just been re-employed by Ivan but the management company could not afford to provide him with transport (due to huge arrears of maintenance payments). I loaned my car for this period, for the grand sum of £50 and sent them an invoice for this amount. CVOA have always admired Adrian who is an honest and intelligent person and a capable manager. I was paid two years later. It was not deducted from my maintenance payments.

Mr. Logan refers to an incident when my 75 year old husband, having had triple heart bypass and a total knee replacement a few years ago, jumped out of our car having just driven past Mr.Ward who had given him the V-sign and had subjected him to abusive hand gestures all that evening while a meeting was taking place. My husband simply stood in front of him and just said “go on John you hit me first”. There are witnesses to this event which occurred as the result of sustained provocation.

As for writing the Constitution – someone had to and it was the basis of any new committee and is revised as the Association evolves, which is standard procedure. It was sent to all the committee and management to confirm they were all in agreement and it was adopted at a general meeting.

I did send emails thanking Mr. Logan for his help – he was, at that time, arranging all the voting and kept record of who voted for whom! I have many emails where he has complimented me and was outraged at the sustained abuse I had endured.

Do people really expect builders to carry out major alterations as people age – usually people simply move house if they become frail.

I am not aware of Polly Marples but hope she will take up complaints regarding structure directly with Yigor through Furkat.

CVOA only sends correspondence to Members but if we have not been provided with email addresses, then unfortunately, we cannot contact them. However, they can access our Forum for information.

Unfortunately, I could not make much sense of the rest of the diatribe. In any event, washing dirty linen in public cannot be conducive to making Chelsey Village a peaceful home for permanent residents or holidaymakers.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Laine (Mrs)
Chair, CVOA

I have to agree with Sandra’s final comment that merely making public the problems that Chelsey Village have will not solve them. However, unless those who have the authority and responsibility to solve these problems does so, then this argument will be interminable, exhausting and damaging to Chelsey Village.

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