North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Tony Logan’s Last Post

Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Tony Logan's Last PostNorth Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Tony Logan’s Last Post

This is probably Chelsey Village’s Tony Logan’s first last posting on the fiasco there. I say, ‘first last’ post because people have a habit of responding to the response to their last posts 🙂

“Just to put the record right, here is a transcript of the meeting SL had with the investors, Although she denies any involvement in the latest atrocities in Chelsey Village, she instigated these back in April 2012. Also included in the attached e-mail i sent from the Yigor office, shows I was always party to ending the CVOA stance against the non-payers to end the divide, The tit for tat she has done not only through the newspapers, only proves to everyone she has to have the last word, and her word is final.

How can anyone whom is supposed to represent owners treat fellow Brits the way she does is now so evident. I am sorry this had to be made public, however I had to respond to support the owners who have suffered through this tirade of intense adverse actions towards them. The proof you all need to read is a plan i had to end the stance and divide was through an amnesty, to which she objected, this would never have reached the level it is now if only one person S Laine had said ok!

This will be my last posting on this issue, but i believe readers should see for themselves like many owners in CV what the Chair is really like…..

Transcript of last meeting

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th April
at 11am in at Chelsey Village, Arapkoy

Investors: Vladimir Gamuletsky
Oleg B
Andrey Gaak
CV Management: Adrian Smith
CVOA: Sandra Laine (chair)
Property owner and Joint Administrator for CV Forum: Arthur Agnew
Interpreter: Julianna Gamuletsky

1) Murat’s position within Yigor and on the site?

Murat is owner of a property. He has no other privileges or authority. Oleg pointed out the “name problem” as Cheelsey was a mistake, it was intended to name the Company Chelsey Management and he wished us to refer to it thus.

2) Bank account – dissatisfaction that Murat is a signatory – general distrust. Many people withholding this year’s maintenance for this reason.

The investors have travelled to TRNC especially to sort out the situation. Murat should have been at the meeting “to sign papers” but he is not on site. Oleg explained at length that it is OK to pay into the account and there will not be a problem as Yigor had overall control.

Sandra explained that she had copies of Company House documents showing that he owns CM.

She congratulated Yigor for efforts to date, for the excellent roads (which they were not contracted to do until completion of the site – and then only in tarmac. She stressed CVOA wanted to continue to work with Yigor, and CM for the benefit of everyone concerned.

3) Furkat has sent budget forecast for approval? When may we view?

Julianna explained that CM is owed £110.000, out of which £80,000 to £90,000 is a debt to Yigor. CVOA can view the Budget after they decide on mini-bus costs. It currently costs £1300.00 a month, inclusive of petrol and is probably only needed during April – October.

4) Management Company ? independent of Yigor.

Oleg explained that it is very important to the shareholders that CV is well maintained. It is quite likely that they are going to look at an independent maintenance company to look after CV. The initial instruction would be short term (one year) so that the operation can be checked and work monitored. After completion of the site it would be passed to Owners.

Time frame: Passing control of the management company over – one year. Sandra mentioned the Land Law for management companies allowing owners to be administrators.

Debt: Yigor need to recoup their losses and to this end need to retain control/ influence over the management company because of the debt it is owed. The investors met with their lawyer yesterday. They are also looking at ways to encourage people to pay.

Sandra explained that some owners had heard that a deal had been done by Murat with some non-payers and that M. Drewitt received a substantial discount – they are unhappy and want the same deal! Oleg said that this was not authorised by Yigor.

Adrian said he had received an email from MD asking for confirmation that his payment has been agreed and Adrian wanted to know how to respond. Oleg says this was one of the reasons for “parting” with Murat. Murat had been a long term friend of Andrey who recommended him for the position in CV.

Arthur had to leave the meeting and Vladimir decided to adjourn to Saturday at 10am. Before Arthur left he explained the function of Chelsey Village Forum, and the position of Yigor, CM Ltd, CVOA and others to become moderators and handle their own page. He and Norman will police the Forum and each moderator will have the opportunity to remove any offensive material.

Briefly Oleg confirmed that Yigor owned the restaurant, as they do all unsold property on the development. The short term plan is to lease the restaurant, long term is to sell possibly to residents association and owners.

5) Future plans for development

a) Estimated time for completion: 

This depends on sales, the faster the sales, the quicker completion is reached.

Julianna stated that she is not employed by Yigor but is helping her father Vladimir and investors to sort out the current situation.

Saturday 18.4.12: continued

b) Marketing and sales

The investors would like to ask owners to support management of sales and would pay commission for sales that come through recommendations, at least 6% and in some cases could be higher. A referral scheme is being worked on at the moment to be offered to owners. All money received from sales goes back into build. Sandra explained that a few others put people off purchasing when they are in “try to buy” accommodation. Adrian suggested improving entrance to CV and front gate with planting trees or shrubs and completion of black wrought iron fencing between the stone pillars.

Julianna said Yigor plans to upgrade the website, with new photographs etc

Vladimir says he has given talks on the radio in Russian, which resulted in sales and that in Russia sales are achieved by word of mouth. Approximately 30% of owners are Russian. It was suggested they should look to increasing media advertising. Sandra said Landmark seem to be the agents of choice.

c) Build manager ? representative of Yigor

Batir is site foreman. Small Ivan is part-time surveyor and build manager, he also works for Ivan’s construction company.

6) Who owns the restaurant?

Investors confirmed that Yigor owns the restaurant. Discussion about future of restaurant. Short term plan is to lease, long term is to sell. Adrian said a retired couple were coming to CV who might be interested in running it but that any owners would need a Work Permit. In the past owners had been told that Ivan owned the restaurant and that following complaints the one electric meter to pool and restaurant had been separated so that restaurant had its own meter.

7) Are there plans for re-opening or hiring for functions

It could be available for the use of owners on a non-profit making basis. The restaurant will have to remain closed if no-one can be found to run it. The only time it made a little profit was during the high season and it cannot be allowed to operate at a loss.

8) Issues regarding bad construction affecting various properties but mainly K and L blocks – not considered to be minor snagging.

Sandra set out the difference between “snagging” and “construction” issues. Snagging is usually minor and many owners have attended to these themselves but design and construction faults are Yigor’s responsibility. Yigor will attend to these issues but cannot give it the same level of urgency as building towards completion of site. Initially they hoped that developers they employed were competent to do the work correctly but they were let down. It was noted that construction problems vary with individuals.

Sandra said Ivan had assured owners at a meeting some time ago that when site was complete he would spend time attending to these problems and priority will be given to people who pay their maintenance.

9) Need for transparency and good communication between all groups

All parties agreed with this and Sandra outlined problems caused by a group of 5 people, known to us all. This was discussed and understood by all present.

10) Role of CVOA to work with Yigor and Management Company for the benefit of all owners

Agreed by all parties.

a) Need to return to plan in place 4 years ago. Management to keep CVOA informed when people have paid maintenance as non-payers are excluded from membership of CVOA.

Sandra explained that due to non-communication by Murat, and as CVOA only accepts members who have paid their maintenance it is important that they are provided with this information. It was agreed that Adrian should keep CVOA up-to-date so that they can keep count of members. Only members can vote in the forthcoming AGM (around 1st week in October). This was agreed.

11) Permanent Non-payers – It was agreed that this point would be discussed at the end of the meeting in a “brain storming exercise”.

Permanent non-payers – restrictions of use of site need to be put in place together with legal action where possible. Just one precedent needs to be set for the rest to follow.

Proposition – Yigor should consider arranging for all people who have regularly paid maintenance to be given Kocans, this would be an incentive to non-payers to settle.

12) Yigor and CVOA need to agree that certain individuals whose sole intent is to cause confusion and disruption to any progress should be ignored.

Agreed by all present.

13) Courtesy mini-bus – who pays running costs, when will this be available to paying owners?

This is not available now due to costings and bureaucracy. A special commercial licence is necessary where paid passengers are involved (as people pay through maintenance contributions it is deemed commercial). Insurance is also very expensive.

The cost from maintenance budget, including petrol, is £1300 a month. Relatively few people make use of the mini bus. Sandra mentioned that the facility would need to be removed from the website.

Enquiries should be made with Belydesi about the possibility of requesting a dolmus to come to Arapkoy to fetch passengers. Investors said that request from the investors would be ignored but if a petition was raised by residents and if we could get enough people to sign, this could be a solution. Sandra suggested contacting the muktar and Klepini Village with a view to getting Turkish Cypriots to sign as this would probably carry more weight.

14) At the entrance to CV it states “private property” is this correct?

Vladimir asked about the reasoning behind this question. Sandra explained that insurance and public liability responsibilities in the event of legal action etc. Julianna (translating) explained that it was not actually private but the sign was to deter people wandering into the site, using the pool (as had happened in the past).

15) CV Forum, suggest Yigor registers and posts updates and news.

Arthur further outlined how the Forum is set up, with sections for Yigor, Cheelsey, CVOA and CVT and that each had a moderator who would be able to control their own section. He said the administrators (he and Norman Griffiths) would police the forum to ensure no offensive items were listed and that each moderator could remove such postings.

Julianna has said she would register, in due course, but was going to be busy compiling letter to the owners about future plans. She was asked by CVOA to explain that they had no part to play, as has been suggested, “in the demise of Murat”.

16) CV Forum suggest Adrian registers

Sandra asked if Adrian could be given permission to register. Vladimir and Oleg said they were free to choose and that he could do so. Adrian explained that he could sometimes be asked questions which he was unable to answer which is why he had been reluctant to do so until after this meeting.

17) Murat said at the last meeting that 120 title deeds would be issued to owners in April 2012, can you confirm this is correct?

Vladimir and Oleg said Murat had no authority to make this statement, it was not true especially as plans for the site have been altered and the Architect needs to register them before application is made for Kocans. This was another reason for his dismissal.

18) Can you confirm if the village is insured for all on-site facilities, pavements and roads?

There is no insurance in place.


Sinking fund: Sandra said there was over 19,000 YTL in this account and that originally £150.00 was collected in respect of each property sold and money paid into Yigor account. Members said they would pay if it could be transferred into a CVOA account, which was done and there were 4 signatories to this account (3 now since Mike Woodall died). Julianna suggested this could be raised to £300. S. explained difficulties getting cash out of people and asked if Yigor could give people an explanation of Sinking Fund, written by Mike who was a chartered accountant and explain that in the event of a sale this money would be returned by the purchaser of their property. Interest would soon accumulate. It is essential especially after Yigor leave the development. Yigor agreed and Adrian will have this available on his desk for people to view.

Bank statements (Cheelsey): Asked if investors had received bank statements and whether any withdrawals had been made, they explained £3000 had been transferred to them but no other withdrawals had been made. Sandra repeated that people were very reluctant to pay maintenance into account where Murat is sole signatory and it is his own company, and where he has not relinquished receipt books etc. Julianna suggested that payments can be made into Yigor account and Adrian can give official Yigor receipt. Sandra agreed to pay 4 x £528 into this account and would pass this information to members. (Since this meeting the necessary bank books have been obtained and an official receipt can be issued for payments into Cheelsey Management).

A lengthy discussion took place regarding methods and ideas about persuading non-payers to settle their debts. All positive and negative suggestions will be evaluated and have been noted by Julianna.

Is this the end, or will this debate continue? Stay tuned into NCFP to read the next episode of ‘Chelsey Village.’

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