Cyprus News | MP Dogus Derya’s Additional Oath

Cyprus News | MP Dogus Derya's Additional OathMP Dogus Derya surprised the rest of the newly elected TRNC MPs when she started the traditional oath taking ceremony with an oath of her own making, before taking the traditional oath:

“I vow on my human honour that I will work so that every individual living in the country of Cyprus does not face discriminations because of his/her language, religion, race, place of birth, class, age, physical situation, sex or sexual orientation, that I will try to create a just and equal system in which labour will not be exploited, that I will exert efforts for the establishment of the values of peace and reconciliation instead of the culture of conflict and violence, that I will remain committed to the principles of democracy and the social rule of law and to the human rights and freedoms, and that I will not abandon the ideal of establishing a federal Cyprus”

Derya is a well-known feminist and chairwoman of the “North Cyprus Feminist Atelier” (FEMA). UBP Mps immediately started protesting and shouting at Derya and then left the hall. President Dervis Eroglu, former President Mehmet Ali Talat and the Turkish ambassador to Nicosia, Halil Ibrahim Akca also left the room.

Local reactions outside the hall included Yeni Duzen’s “oath of conscience”, Star Kibris’s “A feminist revolution!”, Afrika newspaper’s “Birth in the dead assembly”, Gunes’s “Lack of respect”, Vatan’s “Childish ‘show’!!”and Volkan’s “scandal”.

Turkish media simply stated that Derya’s oath showed there was a ‘crisis’ in the TRMC government.

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