Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village Companies House Documents

Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village Companies House Documents

I’ve had several communications regarding the Chelsey Village Maintenance Agreements row. I’ll publish them one at a time, in chronological order as passed on to me by Malcolm. Some are confusing but as I’m merely quoting emails, I leave it to interested readers to make sense of them.

“Malcolm, can you publish this please?
It will back up the statement I made and show readers, who is now:
( Moving the goalposts) and how she (S Laine) successfully enabled to get rid of Murat, who was the third maintenance manager!
Also how she after chasing debts agrees that they cannot chase monies when the previous maintenance company (Haven) went out of business!
sL also shows maintenance agreements were never issued to owners or very little issued (proof) she is fabricating that payers are suffering increases due to the non-payers!!!!

S Laine also stated the site being run by a dictator!! Well we have two don’t we?

Kind Regards,
Tony Logan
Chelsey Village Times 

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Begin forwarded message:
Subject: FW: Companies House, Nicosia, documents relating to Yigor/Cheelsey M.L
Suggest everyone looks at SLs letter below when she was trying to get rid of Murat.
According to her Cheelsey can not collect and debts owed to Haven
Sandra’s E-mail below.  It seems Yigor are doing the taking to court.  Companies house information
does not show Yigor as Shareholders or directors of Haven or Cheelsey, and of course we have dozens
of instances where they state they are independent and not  part of Yigor.
Yigor claim they lent these companies money to make-up the shortfall in Maintenance funds, surely
then they should be taking this matter up with Haven and Cheelsey Management.
This will cost them dearly, there action should result in any ‘debts’ to Haven ceasing when Yigor did, and
of course there is after 2 months no agreement published yet for Cheelsey Management (sounds familiar)
Dear Owners
I have obtained documents from Companies House in Nicosia and attach copies for your information as follows:
1.  Approval of Company Incorporation – Cheelsey
2. Certificate of registered office                   – Cheelsey
3.  Certificate Director and Secretary – Cheelsey
4.  Certificate of Shareholders                                    – Cheelsey
5.  Certificate of Directors and Secretary  – YIGOR
6.  Certificate of Shareholders                                    – YIGOR
Therefore: Cheelsey CANNOT make any maintenance charges prior to 29th December 2011 (the date of the company’s incorporation) since Murat ‘s new company was registered on 29.12.11.  Had he joined Haven Management as a director,  Ivan and his wife could have resigned their positions, leaving Murat to continue to run Haven, collect maintenance charges and, indeed, to proceed to collect the thousands of pounds outstanding in arrears, through legal process if necessary.
The only company who can collect arrears of maintenance up to 28th December 2011 is Haven Management Ltd, and Ivan. I shall make enquiries to check if Haven has filed annual accounts.  It could well be dissolved or remain as a dormant company.
I suspect Murat will have been advised by his solicitor that owners need to sign Maintenance Agreements (very few of us have done so).   He may well offer huge discounts to non-payers, as an encouragement to get them to sign these Agreements which could possibly contain a clause ensuring that Cheelsey Management is in position for the long term.  This would take away owners’ rights to appoint their own company in the future.
Many people have asked about the spelling of Cheelsey.  This is because” Chelsey Management” had been allocated previously to someone else, perhaps by Ivan.
Haven Management will have about £80000.00 worth of arrears built up since the first invoices were sent in July 2008. 
Now is the time for all owners to pull together or risk being managed by an autocratic dictator!  It is interesting to see that Murat’s registered address, given to Companies House, is in Russia not Chelsey Village.
Yours sincerely,
Sandra Laine
Chair, CVOA”
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