North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Furkat Arrested

North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village | Furkat ArrestedAccording to a post on Chelsey Village Friends Group FaceBook page, ‘Furkat has been arrested for criminal damage’ in relation to the damage to the Chelsey Village sewage system.

“I would like to thank everyone for their generous support for the application of an interim injunction to stop the recent despicable actions of Yigor/Cheelsey Management.

Jean McGrail attended her appointment with the solicitor today and John Ward accompanied her. Documentation was given to the solicitor and preparations are underway. I understand that both Jean and John will attend court when it comes before the judge.

However, there is still some background preparation to complete. For this reason it is important that we try to contain the information and activities that are taking place to protect the application

Whilst there is no guarantee that an interim injunction will be granted I understand that the case is quite strong.

I can also advise that I have been informed that Furkat has been arrested for criminal damage. This is believed to be around the damage to property, namely the sewage pipes that recently had holes made in them and expanding foam inserted into the drain. This action was the result of the e-mail he sent out to owners threatening damage. And we should not forget that Furkat is an agent of Yigor.

For clarity I asked Furkat about the relationship between Yigor/Cheelsey Management and he informed me, in an e-mail, that he was an employee of Yigor and a director of Cheelsey Management. This was, of course, before he was arrested.

Other information that he provided within his e-mail to me was that Chelsey Village was private. However, in the minutes from a meeting held in 2012, which included representation from Yigor, the maintenance company, the CVOA and an Investor it was clearly stated (thanks to Julianna) that CV was not private but that a sign stating it was had been placed at the entrance to deter people from entering the development.

The e-mails in question from Furkat were forwarded to Jean to support her case.

Jean has further informed me that a police contact number has been provided should any owner arrive at CV and be prevented from accessing the site due to the gates being closed or chains across the road.

Jean has asked me to convey her heart felt thanks and gratitude for the support everyone has shown to enable this action to commence.

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