Cyprus Law | Another Day, Another Court Case

Cyprus Law | Another Day, Another Court CaseWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law | Another Day, Another Court Case

Hopefully after Monday my visits to the Supreme Court, started by the suggestion I take out a Mandamus case against the Girne Tapu, will be finished. Advice given, advice taken and then left to sink or swim by the advocate who suggested it. What a learning curve, and how strange that the self same advocate at one stage had suggested I take out a case to overturn the Breach of Contract judgement. I have no doubt if I had taken that advice I would have been in the system for years trying to achieve it. Now in a matter of a few visits to the Supreme Court, and as a by product of the Manadamus, I have indirectly achieved it by acting for myself. Life is often stranger than fiction.

The appearance on Monday is caused by the fact that the writ needing to be served to Kulaksiz Construction Limited had not been served, hopefully by Monday this will have happened.

Since we are talking about Kulaksiz Construction Limited, I have been reliably informed that many of their workmen sometimes bunk down in a house. How lovely to have your dream home next door to a ‘doss house’. I bet they were not told that in their contract. Allegedly, most of the work Kulaksiz now do is sub contract work for other builders.

Abdurrahman Guney, former director of Kulaksiz is back on the island and said to be working. The exact nature of this work is unknown. However, both he and Yuksel Yilmaz, in my opinon, should be doing time in Lefkosa prison. Of course this is not going to happen because it seems defrauding old people of their life’s savings and shortening their lives with the stress and trauma caused by such action is not a crime here in north Cyprus. No wonder it is a magnet to the greedy and dishonest.

Never give in, never give up.


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