Cyprus News | Government Sweeping Reforms – ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Cyprus News | Government Reforms - 'Don't Hold Your Breath'WITHOUT PREJUDICE

In your normal day to day interaction with the Turkish Cypriot people in north Cyprus, you could not wish for a better place to live. Why, oh why, then do these self same people have to suffer because of the greed and avarice of the privileged few? Those who believe it is right to defraud some of their foreign guests, and even some of their own citizens. I hasten to add, not all the villians are home grown, some are imported.

The Government must know of this, indeed it is pointed out to them through the press so often that they would have to be like the Three Wise Monkeys not to know; deaf, dumb and blind. Sener Levent the brave and, in my opinion, heroic editor/owner has wooden statues of the Three Wise Monkeys in his office so clearly he knows the score. Some of his editorials confirm this as does the wide range of contentious subject he allows in his publication Afrika Gazetesi. Would that there were more newspaper men of his ilk. [Editor: if only NCFP were like that!]

So whilst the Kulaksiz 5, Boyut Harmony, Olive Grove, Armacon, Sevilla, Santa Fe, Sercem, Chelsey Village fiascos chunter on and no real lead comes from the Government, the ordinary Turkish Cypriot man, woman and child see their country being harmed by lack of action, their incomes diminish and lifestyle quality drop. Whilst the guest retirees and others watch the value of their investment in this country diminish, is their no one in Government prepared to stand up and say ‘enough. the time for change is NOW’.

I guess the proof will be in the pudding when the new Government is formed and take power. Only hold your breath if blue suits you.

never give in never give up.


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