North Cyprus Property | A Road to Nowhere?


North Cyprus Property | A Road to Nowhere?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions or so we are led to believe. Have you ever wondered where the road starts? Try north Cyprus, well actually looking at the island as a whole might be accurate too.

So many people dared to dream the dream of a retirement in Paradise. Cyprus the island of love, but not for everyone.

Most purchasers started the process of buying in the same way; research, followed the prescribed legal system, engaged a lawyer/advocate and did everything by the book. The majority came out the other side with exactly what they wanted. Unfortunately, too many never came out the other side at all, although some did come out completely dissatisfied with a poor facsimile of what they were promised, or an unfinished product. How could that be, they did exactly the same as the satisfied customers? The answer is frighteningly simple. Greed and dishonesty. You cannot, it would seem, factor that into the equation in Cyprus because there seems to be no consequences for these crimes. In short, the difference between those purchases that went swimmingly and those that did not is dumb ass luck.

“No duty of care” was being touted by the legal profession, although now they will have to rethink that one since if they can be sued for negligence, there clearly is a ‘duty of care’ and the good news is, they are now being sued for negligence. Cases are going through the court as I write this.

“Fraud is a civil offence.” Well I don’t think any of us ever swallowed that one, but still it is hard to see any of the perpetrators being punished for deliberately and with premeditation defrauding the purchaser. The fraud being perpetrated in Cyprus involves the theft of the purchaser’s money and that is a criminal act. Fraud is criminal everywhere. If you seek redress for that fraud from the perpetrator through the courts, it involves a civil procedure called a tort, but this is usually after the fraud has been proved in a criminal court. Although this would be a waste of time and money if the perpetrator has no assets.

A will to change things, to assist victims by the Government, could be the difference between the building sector recovering or staying where it is, on the road to nowhere or could that be the road to hell?


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