North Cyprus Property | Star of Stage, Screen and High Court


North Cyprus Property | Star of Stage, Screen and High Court

My life seems to consist of getting up, getting showered and getting ready to go to court. Well, maybe not quite that bad but it is does play a large part in my life. If not for myself, then going with someone else for moral support. Would I have it any other way? Yes of course I would, I never thought that in my 68th year I would be spending my life this way.

I had visions of reading, a little gardening, visiting friends and pleasant walks on the beach. Visions, an appropriate word, that is all they are, visions of how it could have been, most certainly not how it is.

On Wednesday 17th April, back in court with the Kulaksiz 5 for what we think will be to collect the next date because this one will be adjourned. However, things can change, I have thought there would be an adjournment before and have been wrong. On the 24th April, I have another appearance in court for the 5th Libel case, probably another adjournment. I have supporting roles in other friend’s appearances this month too.

The month of April so far has yielded 3 appearances, some bit parts as support, don’t forget the double billing on the 28th March and we are only on the 12th of the month. Who knows what else can and will happen this month. I feel like an actress looking for her next role but suddenly with far too many offers.

Do not forget my co-star in all these appearances, the infamous ‘Agile’ who did a marvellous ‘jump’ on the 31st July 2010 and if he had been hit by the speeding car would, I have no doubt, have performed his dying act to perfection. We both have no doubt that had this happened it would have been found to be ‘suicide’ by the coroner’s court. I am jesting of course.

Agile, attends with me but when there are supporters present, stays in the background as much as possible. This is in case he need to get help in the event his ‘star’ is arrested. We both had very prominent parts in a recent production where we were filmed, without our consent, and now appear on YouTube. The price of fame is very taxing if somewhat childish.

If you think today’s little offering has been written somewhat tongue in cheek, you are absolutely correct. My philosophy is, do not let the buggers grind you down and always retain your sense of humour.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read



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