Cyprus Today | 13/4/2013

Cyprus Today | 13/4/2013Cyprus Today | 13/4/2013


Gang Jailed for Attack on Brits – criminals who committed a violent robbery were jailed. Editor: only front page because they were Brits

‘Air taxi’ service proposed – the Girne American University MIGHT launch an air taxi service although the original intention is to use the planes to train pilots. Editor: so are the taxis being flown by trainee pilots?

Power Cut to Traffic Lights – another impact of the government having power cut off because they expect to be given electricity for free. They currently owe 300m TL


Lefkosa Patient Tested for Mad Cow Disease – a patient MIGHT have CJD

Changes to UK Passport Applications – if you’re living in Cyprus and need to renew your passport it will cost £147.86 (including courier services) and needs to be done through the IPS service –

Property Tax ‘Must Be Paid’ – by the end of April. Apparently you won’t be informed unless your deeds are lodged with the municipality so pop down and ask to pay. It should be 1TL per square meter of the building plus 25% for a pool. Editor: perhaps when you pay they could update their system so the next demand could go out with your monthly water bill? That way you won’t be charged enormous fines… ah, now I see why they try not to notify you.

‘Financial Crisis Affecting Us Too’ – Girne shopkeepers say there has been a drop in trade and blame it on the fact that it is cheaper elsewhere. Editor: I guess they’re hoping that prices go up elsewhere?

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