North Cyprus Akfinans Bank auctioning fully paid for properties – 26 days to go

Yesterday I attend the court office in Girne to sign an Affidavitto start the ball rolling to compulsory sell the properties I have a Court Memorandum on belonging to Kulaksiz Construction Limited following my successful Breach of Contract action against them.I will keep you posted.

The first rebuild of the back end of my villa as promised.

I awoke one morning in August 2006 and as nature dictated wandered into my bathroom.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a crack going from the mortar across the mirror and through the tiles.  At this stage it was deep enough to lodge a lire coin in.  As days went by, it got deeper and deeper.  This was swiftly followed by more and more cracks.  Kulaksiz persuaded me that it would be better to wait for the first rains before they undertook remedial work.  In November 2006 I moved out into an empty house across the road – Kulaksiz paid the rent (they had money then).Two out of three bedrooms and one bathroom had all internal walls demolished.  The floors were excavated down to a depth of one metre, freshly in-filled and re-concreted.   During this work it became apparent that no foundations had been laid for the internal walls.  The work took four/five weeks and I was assured my problems were over.  If only.    Interestingly, during my stay across the road (another Kulaksiz 5 property) I lit a fire in the fire grate and smoke came out of the door frame;  obviously as well built as mine!!

Tomorrow I will tell of my experience with the then Property Complaints Office.

We need your support on Sunday 6th June at the Coffee Shop in Kariyaka Square – Auction starts at 10.00 a.m.  Please be there.

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