Kulaksiz 5 – in 25 days Akfinans Bank auctions secretly mortgaged property

I am sure you will all remember the fanfare at the opening of the Property Complaints Office, the carrot given to stop the protest by the HBPG at the opening of the new Government Buildings.

Like many of you, I did believe the hype, but not for long.   My complaint was number 132.  I compiled my complaint and all the usual documentation that they so like here.

HBPG instructed us: ‘dress code is smart – no shorts, jeans or t-shirts and you may be asked for ID at security (passport or drivers licence) and so I made an appointment and hand delivered the complaint.  Well there was one smartly dressed person in that office – ME.  One member of staff had on jeans, a t-shirt and a thick belt.  The other would not have been out of place in a nightclub.  After a brief discussion I left my paperwork and departed.

I waited for the promised phone call – and I waited – and I waited – and I waited – and I waited. Sound familiar? I eventually went back into their  office to find out what they had achieved – nothing.  I was informed by the member of staff that she knew Yuksel Yilmaz, he was a friend of hers.  After a comment like that, you know you are on a hiding to nothing.  I did receive one phone call – she said she had good news for me,  I asked if Kulaksiz had capitulated – no she said, you have your permission to purchase. Big deal – I had chased that myself and made several trips into the Permission to Purchase Office, any effort in achieving it had been mine.

The Property Complaints Office had its title watered down to The Property Information Office and then disappeared.  Oh how surprising.

The clock is ticking – put it in your diary – be there at the Coffee Shop in Karsiyaka Square – 10.00 a.m – come early. Show Akfinans Bank Limited that auctioning ‘stolen’ homes will not be tolerated. SUNDAY  6th JUNE 2010. Since we are not officially allowed to voice our dissent, perhaps total silence would be the best course during the auction, then if anyone is stupid enough to bid, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

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